Westport Mini Maker Faire is Saturday 28 April 2012

The Organizing Committee for Westport Maker Faire is pleased to announce that the date of our inaugural event is Saturday 28 April 2012 from 10 am until 4 pm.  Keep your eyes on this space for more news! www.redlobstersurvey.com .

3 Responses to Westport Mini Maker Faire is Saturday 28 April 2012

  1. Looking forward to the first of many great Maker Days in our area … a fun and learning event for people of all ages, interest and skills.

    All the best to the organizing committee. Thanks for your contributing your talent and time.

  2. 178Cathe, you inspired me to make a Seraph/Cherubim guidaarn for my front door. I found a website that had pictures of the very detailed glass eyes they make for dolls and I printed seven eyes and used Cold Weld to bond six wings to a filigree jewelry backing with one eye in the middle and six eyes on the wings surrounding it. Thank you for the inspiration!Linda4e

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