Obama Administration announces a plan to create a national STEM Master Teacher Corps

STEM Master Teacher Corps

Today, the Obama Administration announced a plan to create a national STEM Master Teacher Corps, which will recognize and reward 10,000 exceptional science, math, technology and engineering teachers in our nation’s classrooms. Educators who join the STEM Master Teachers Corps will make a commitment to champion the cause of STEM education in their respective communities, and will receive additional resources to mentor math and science teachers, inspire students, and help their communities grow

A world-class STEM workforce is essential to virtually every goal we have as a nation – whether it’s broadly shared economic prosperity, international competitiveness, a strong national defense, a clean energy future, and longer, healthier, lives for all Americans.  By creating a STEM Master Teaching Corps to inspire students, and by giving these educators the necessary resources to teach well, we are investing in America’s future.

To learn more about the administration’s efforts to promote excellence in STEM education visit http://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/ostp

View this article in its original form on the White House Web site at:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2012/07/18/numbers-10000?utm_source=wh.gov&utm_medium=shorturl&utm_campaign=shorturl

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