Maker Balam Soto’s project featured in Hartford Courant

Balam Soto, a presenting maker at Westport Maker Faire for the second straight year, has a hi-tech interactive installation in the show “Paper to Pixel” at Vernon Community Arts Center on view through May 12, 2013.

Susan Dunne of the Hartford Courant wrote in an April 2 article, “The installation is made up of a five-foot cube hung with white fabric. A projector is aimed at the cube. From there, the installation takes two forms. On performance days, Soto’s 14-year-old daughter, Jade, straps sensors to herself and dances in the cube. The sensors set off a series of visual and audio projections based on her movements. (‘When it’s dark, it looks tremendous,’ Soto says.) On non-performance days, visitors can pick up a small cube with the same sensors in it. How the visitor plays with the cube will determine the visual and audio output.”

Read the full article, visit Balam’s website, and see the artist’s sensor suit and other projects in action at this month’s Westport Maker Faire!



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