Our Vision
Our vision is to provide support to people with autism and developmental disabilities so that they may live meaningful and rewarding lives – filled with friendship, learning and opportunities to grow. We will engage and inspire our local community members to partner with us and recognize that all will benefit from these relationships.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide homes and opportunities for people with autism and other developmental disabilities. We offer high quality personalized services that enhance each person’s independence, dignity and continued growth. As a non-profit community organization we are dedicated to increasing public understanding of the people we serve and their ability to be contributing members of the community.
Our Roots

CLASP’s roots run deep within our community and with the families of those people we serve. In 1976 a small group of families who had children with developmental disabilities who were all in the same school class, began planning weekend activities together. These activities grew to become routine, and the group began to grow. In 1978 this group began to discuss the future of their children as they grew to be adults and would no longer be involved in the school system. In 1982 the group developed a limited partnership and opened CLASP’s first group home on Kings Highway in Westport. Since that time, CLASP has added a dozen more homes and an apartment program to support the ever growing list of individuals needing these services. Family and community involvement continue to be a strong focus of the organization as we grow and add programs to meet the needs of people in greater Fairfield County.