LucidTronix is an open-source hardware, firmware, and software developer. Inspired by DIY culture and the maker movement, LucidTronix makes electronics tutorials and lucid devices. Projects include wearable game consoles, bike computers, computational cameras, and interactive rainbow lights.

LucidTronix offers gadgets as both DIY kits and pre-fabricated products. Printed circuit boards are visually compelling- cut into unique shapes and silkscreened with beautiful patterns.

Experience the Heart Matrix, and LED Rainbow Sun, and several interactive electric necklaces at the Westport Maker Faire. The Heart Matrix is a wearable LED display that can show animations and scrolling text. It can be interfaced with Twitter and controlled wirelessly. It is wearable as a bracelet or a necklace. The Heart Matrix can also be used as a dynamic name tag, or to communicate silently.

The LED Rainbow sun is a DIY Kit loaded with sensors and lights. Five RGB LEDs can display millions of different colors. The board has a microphone, light sensor, knobs, and buttons so it is easy to control by, sound, light or touch. It can be used for photo shoots, as a nightlight, or at the disco, as a colorful electric jewel!