Project Onca Onca

Project Onca Onca

The Electric Skateboard

Imagine going 20 MPH, standing on a skateboard, surfing on asphalt.  Project Onca Onca utilizes the newest, coolest desktop manufacturing tools available:  Arduino Control, XBee wireless, 3D printed remote control enclosure and hubs, and a laser cut motor mount.  Together, they make this vision a reality.

A few years back, I build an electric car.  That was an amazing experience, and gave me the background I needed for this project.  But since then, I’d been seeking something technical yet exciting and youthful.  I started skateboarding around age 15.  It’s in my blood.  Late one night last summer, some friends and I were laughing about the “Back to the Future” hover board.  They said I should build it.  Little did they know that I might take them seriously!

A couple months later, I had a prototype on the road.  It was rough, but it worked.  Then I was able to dig in to the real design elements.  One of the challenges of the skateboard was the space available.  Everything also had to be very precise, and I needed some custom parts; so I made them.  This quickly opened me up the new world Maker resources and the New Industrial Revolution.

Six months later, I now have modeled most of the required parts and a have fully functioning product.  At this time, I’m in the process of refining my designs and making them to be more manufacturing friendly.