Staples Applied Science Club

Staples Applied Science ClubRube Goldberg Machine

The┬áStaples High School Applied Science Club’s Rube Goldberg Machine took 1st place in Connecticut’s Annual Rube Goldberg Competition at UCONN. Rube Goldberg Machines exhibit an array of fast-paced steps that ultimately complete a rather simple task through a chain reaction. In over twenty complicated energy transfers, our Rube Goldberg machine manages to hammer a nail, which was the 2013 National Challenge. The theme of this machine is “retro video games” and is largely based on the most iconic images and concepts from the first Mario games, Tetris, Pacman, and many others. The Staples machine was awarded first prize as well as two People’s Choice Awards: “Space Jam,” which goes to the machine that makes the best use of the given 6 x 6 x 6 ft space, and “All Hail Rube,” which goes to the machine that the majority of the audience thought was “best” overall.