2015 Sponsorship Opportunities

Westport Mini Maker Faire is the first and largest Maker Faire in Connecticut and biggest single-day event in downtown Westport. The 2014 festivities brought in 3,500 attendees and we 4,400 attended in 2014. We are anticipating over 6,000 attendees in 2015. Attendees come from all over Fairfield County, the tri-state area and beyond to spend the day in Westport and patronize local restaurants, shops and banks.

Westport Mini Maker Faire is produced by Remarkable STEAM, Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, in partnership with The Westport Library. Volunteers and the spirit of the community fuel the event. Sponsorship dollars help defray the cost of tents, generators, the stage, sound system, table rentals and signage. Sponsors receive not only recognition for supporting the event, but also association with a growing group of people interested in creativity, diversity, art, green technologies, sustainability, as well as science and engineering.


Contact: mark@remarkablesteam.org
 or call  Mark Mathias  203.226.1791

List of 2013 Westport Mini Maker Faire Sponsors

Attendee Profiles

•  Families who enjoy activities they can do together
•  Professionals involved in the community
•  Parents looking for enrichment opportunities for kids
•  Entrepreneurs searching for helpful services
•  Children who engage in educational experiences
•  Tourists making daytrips or overnight excursions
•  Makers, inventors, hobbyists and educational leaders

Sponsorship Levels

Title Sponsor
“Your Name Here presents Westport Mini Maker Faire.” Your brand is responsible for bringing this experience to thousands, and everyone will know it. All the 2015 festivities and the yearlong legacy is accredited to your brand, and your name or logo appears alongside Westport Mini Maker Faire on all 2015-specific publicity, printed material, online content and promotions. Tell all of Connecticut that you support the forefront of exploration and innovation in your community.

Also receive all Promotional and Supporting Sponsor benefits as well as your logo on T-shirts.

Named Tent Sponsor
It’s the giant white tents on Jesup Green that draws in our biggest crowds. This year we can brand a tent in your name. You will be given a large, prime location in your tent for show-stopping demonstrations or information about your company. With your logo or name on maps, programs and loudspeaker announcements, your brand is now a landmark.

Also receive all Promotional and Supporting Sponsor benefits as well as your logo on T-shirts.

T-Shirt Sponsor
$4,000The Westport Mini Maker Faire T-shirts are a recognizable, signature component to the event. Designed new every year, the T-shirts are given to the 200 event volunteers and hundreds more are printed and sold at the Faire. The people who wear these T-shirts are active members of the community, leaders in Connecticut’s Maker Movement and infl uencers in their business and social circles. Communicate your brand to the T-shirt wearers, and to everyone who sees them at the Faire and beyond. Your logo will be a prominent feature on the front of these walking billboard T-shirts.

Also receive all Promotional and Supporting Sponsor benefits.

Named Attraction Sponsor
Attach your name to the crowd-pleasing attractions that make the Westport Mini Maker Faire legendary. We’ll promote your brand as we present the event’s major workshops, demonstrations, family activities and expert speakers. Last year’s memory making attractions included the Nerdy Derby car race, Caine’s Arcade cardboard carnival, Squishy Circuit kid’s workshop, artist Balam Soto’s Body-sound Suit and author Alec Foege.

Also receive all Promotional and Supporting Sponsor benefits as well as your logo on T-shirts.

Promotional Sponsor
Get a story dedicated to your company and its support of the event e-blasted to our entire Maker, participant and attendee mailing list and online following. Embedded in Westport Mini Maker Faire news, we’ll feature your brand along with one of your special events or promotions that would benefit our creative, tech savvy and family oriented audience. If you have a product to sell or captivating demonstration, join the other makers with a complementary table in the tents or library.

Also receive all Promotional and Supporting Sponsor benefits as well as your logo on T-shirts.

Supporting Sponsor
Plaster your name on select print and online materials for the 2014 Westport Mini Maker Faire. This includes event programs and handouts and westportmakerfaire.org. We’ll give you social media shout-outs and announce your support on the day of the event.

Entrepreneur Maker
Entrepreneur Maker support entities you to exhibit or present at the Westport Mini Maker Faire event if your making generates income. You will be listed in the roster of makers on literature and westportmakerfaire.org, and will be allowed to sell products and services at the Mini Maker Faire.  You will be responsible for your own business license and transaction logistics (e.g. credit card processing).

Note that in order for name and logo to appear on items, payment must be received with sufficient time to place orders for printed materials. Secure your sponsorship early.